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Comprehensive Psycholegal Services

We are a proficient, reliable, and efficient team of experts whose mission is to provide quality forensic psychological services and consultation. Our commitment is to give special attention to providing high quality, impartial, and culturally sensitive services.
Our services include discrimination/social justice, immigration, criminal, and probate forensic evaluations as well as webcasts, podcasts, interviews, and commentary on general and forensic psychology topics. We specialize in providing services to referred prominent defendants struggling with psychological issues in certain circumstances such as wrongful conviction, trauma related to incarceration, or similar issues. We pursue ethical and standardized methods to meet our client’s needs and maintain quality and integrity for the work we do, applying current legal and ethical best practices to ensure upheld results in any court.


Criminal Matters

Use criminal forensic psychology to make informed legal decisions. For over 20 years, we’ve helped many answer essential criminal justice questions.

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Discrimination & Social Justice Matters

Comprehensive Psycholegal Services team uses empirical research data and years of professional expertise to help your legal team and the Court make an informed decision related to discrimination and social justice matters.

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Immigration Matters

Our team at Comprehensive Psycholegal Services provides immigration psychological evaluations and works with attorneys on other immigration matters

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At Comprehensive Psycholegal Services, we offer mental health services for referred prominent defendants struggling with psychological issues in certain circumstances such as wrongful conviction, trauma related to incarceration, or similar issues.

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Guardianship & Conservatorship

We lend our expertise to questions that arise concerning guardianship and conservatorship in probate court through mental competency evaluation

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You can count on individualized attention from a team with diverse expertise

Dr. Monique N. Coleman

Clinical & Forensic Psychology Expert

Dr. Coleman is the founder and CEO of Comprehensive Psycholegal Services and assembles teams to meet specific case needs. She is a highly qualified expert in clinical and forensic psychology who manages the provision (delivery) of evaluations, expert testimony, and case consultation in criminal, civil, discrimination and social justice cases. With over 20 years of experience, her expertise encompasses mental health issues including, but not limited to, severe mental disorders, mood disorders, and posttraumatic stress disorder. This is enhanced by the extensive work she does with urban residents, marginalized populations, persons within the penal system, and immigrants. She provides culturally sensitive opinions regarding acute and chronic mental illness of individuals interfacing with the legal system. She has been qualified as an expert in Ohio and Georgia and is currently licensed in Georgia and Louisiana.


Dr. Coleman is always thorough and communicative with a high attention to detail, and is remarkably qualified in her field. In her expert analysis and her business dealings, she is fair, unbiased, and genuine. She’s not afraid to tell you the truth, even if it’s not what you wanted to hear. She also has a talent for explaining things to people in a way so that anyone can understand, making her an ideal expert witness in court matters for either side, State or Defense. She’s highly intelligent and can think on her feet, so you don’t have to worry about opposing counsel misrepresenting her testimony on cross examination. I’d recommend her for any trial attorney who needs an expert witness in her field, and I look forward to working with her again throughout my career.

Anastasios Manettas,

Atlanta-area Trial Attorney

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Coleman many times while a criminal defense attorney, defending people accused of some of the worst offenses. That is where I would call upon Dr. Coleman. She is trained in forensic interviews and knows how they should be done correctly. If a “paid hack” is what you’re after, keep looking. Dr. Coleman will give you an honest opinion, for better or worse, which is extremely valuable when so much is at stake. I encourage any attorney in need of help with a legal case to consider Dr. Coleman. She will get the job done.

Kenya Herring, Esq,

Senior Trial Attorney

Frequently Asked Questions

We are an expert team ready to help. If you have any question, please contact us for guidance.

What is a Forensic Psychology Expert?

A forensic psychology expert is qualified by knowledge, skill, experience, training, and education. They may use a psychological assessment, collateral information, psychological test results, research, and other means to help explain to the Court or jury mental health conditions/illness, the impact of an event (s) on mental health, or an individual’s current or past mental health ability. This is communicated verbally, in a report, and/or through expert witness court testimony.

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What is a Forensic Evaluation?
A forensic evaluation is a specific assessment conducted in the context of a legal case when there is an identified need for a forensic psychology expert opinion related to areas such as civil or criminal matters. Answers are provided for specific questions related to legal statute (s) or an incident (s). The particulars of each evaluation vary from case to case and/or from state to state.

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When would my client need a forensic evaluation?
Your client would need a forensic evaluation when an expert forensic psychologist can shed light on a case with scientific, technical, or specialized knowledge. Our team works with individuals to obtain and clarify critical information in a neutral manner. If an individual has a history of mental health issues, is having difficulty communicating their limitations with legal counsel, or your team needs or wants a deeper understanding of an individual’s functional legal capacity, a forensic evaluation would be warranted. Questions related to criminal or civil competency, criminal responsibility, psychological damages, immigration, and the like as discussed on this website would be invaluable from the ostensibly uncomplicated to high stakes case.

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Where are forensic evaluations conducted?
Forensic evaluations are conducted with a forensic psychology expert either in person, if social distancing measures are in place, or virtually. This can take place at an attorney’s office, private evaluator office, courtroom, correctional facility (i.e., jail, prison, detention center), or other designated location. We specialize in virtual/touchless evaluation opportunities where available.

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How can I prepare my client for an evaluation?

To have the most effective evaluation, we offer some suggestions to share with your client to prepare for an evaluation.  It is helpful to make sure they get a good night’s sleep the night before if possible and eat prior.

  • Ensure them there is no need to study
  • Discuss informed consent and confidentiality limitations
  • Set up in a comfortable space and lighting (virtual evaluation)
  • Arrive or Log in 15 minutes prior to evaluation
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Have any medical records, medication list, notes, or contact information to share that are related to their mental health or damages
  • Have a notepad and pen available
  • Prepare for 2-3 hours
  • Bring or have available water and a snack to have during a break, if needed
  • Complete and have available any questionnaires provided prior to their appointment
  • Have any required hearing aid or eyeglasses with them
  • Take medications as normal unless their doctor has told them otherwise
  • Do not consume any alcohol or drugs 24-48 hours prior to the evaluation

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Do you offer free consultation?
Yes! We offer a free initial consultation to ALL potential clients. To prepare for a helpful consultation:

  • Have notes about the case ready
  • Have ability to briefly discuss the case
  • Be candid about expectations

*If you are the client of an attorney, please have your attorney contact us for a consultation

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