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Clinical and Forensic Psychology Presentations and Productions

At Comprehensive Psycholegal Services, we offer live mental health digital engagements and pre-recorded events
We provide individuals with understanding of psychological/mental health issues required in a legal context, enabling the efficient use of concepts, theories, and case law. As a result, activities in the courtroom will be approached with certainty when dealing with mental health matters.
At Comprehensive Psycholegal Services, we offer presentations and productions on current key clinical and forensic psychology topics. By working with us, attorneys can confidently ensure their team has the information needed to handle complex legal cases concerning human behavior or lay persons gain a deeper understanding of uses of psychology in the legal system. Our service is useful for law firms, bar associations, media outlets, lay persons, and other interested city, county, state, and private organizations.
Increasingly, an abundance of mental health and psychological evidence is integrated into complex legal cases in the courtroom. We provide the foundation needed to meet the challenging task of utilizing and maximizing the benefits between the intersection of psychology and the law.

The role of psychology in the courtroom is consistently growing and changing and is used as a key component of legal proceedings. Please contact us to partner for continuing legal education (CLE), mandatory or minimum continuing legal education (MCLE), or another clinical or forensic psychology digital information or pre-recorded event.