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Criminal Forensic Psychology Evaluations and Expert Testimony

Use these evaluations as a important resource to answer questions related to criminal legal proceedings.

Working with Comprehensive Psycholegal Services, you will receive psychological expertise in the following criminal areas:
  • Competency to Stand Trial
  • Competency to Waive Miranda
  • Criminal Responsibility/Sanity
  • Mitigation (pre-sentencing and post-conviction)
  • Capital/Death Penalty
  • Trial & Case Consulting
Experts at Comprehensive Psycholegal Services have been providing services that answer essential criminal justice questions for over 20 years. We assist Municipal, State, and Federal Courts in making informed decisions on complex psychological issues that can affect litigation outcomes.

We utilize exhaustive sources of information in conducting criminal court evaluations. These include but are not limited to legal records, collateral contacts, medical and mental health records, employment information, and other sources where available to help with a definitive opinion. Discussion of our findings with your team is offered and thorough preparation to appear as an expert witness in court when required.

In pretrial evaluations such as Competency to Waive Miranda where we assess whether your client had the cognitive and volitional capacity to knowingly, intelligently, and voluntarily make a decision or Competency to Stand Trial, where we assess your client’s factual and rational understanding of the proceedings, and their sufficient present ability to consult with you their counsel, we soundly support our findings.

We handle minor alleged offenses to capital offenses; we use relevant case law and legal statutes with the goal of thoroughly explaining psychological concepts within the legal environment of a defendant’s mental state and capacities. Trial and posttrial opinions related to criminal responsibility to determine mental state at the time of the alleged offense (s) and pre- and post conviction mitigation to help your team understand biological, environmental, and multigenerational life experiences are used to determine if or to what degree your client may be culpable due to mental health.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

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