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We at Forensic Psycholegal Services promote the notion that everyone has a story that has value in being told. While facing legal charges, fair and impartial treatment is deserved. Psychology plays a critical role prior to, during, and after legal proceedings. An act of behavior does not wholly define a huma being. All persons deserve to be treated humanely, with dignity and respect.


Justice for all who encounter the legal system with mental illness.


Offer specialized narratives and expert opinions to assist with communicating mental health aspects of cases in a court of law.


You can count on individualized attention from a team with diverse expertise

Comprehensive Psycholegal Services, LLC

Formed as a forensic psychology practice in 1999 in Columbus Ohio, later founded as Forensic Psychological Services, Inc. (FPSI) in 2004, the company used graduate psychology interns, psychology assistants and contract psychologists to provide forensic evaluation services, mental health education, and consultation. Offered were adult and juvenile competency to stand trial, not guilty by reason of insanity (NGRI), mitigation, capital sentencing/mitigation, juvenile waivers, sex offender, visitation, personal injury, wrongful death and wrongful termination forensic psychological evaluations, consultation, second opinion, and expert testimony in criminal and civil cases for prosecution and defense attorneys in city, county, state, and federal level courts. Within the company, Dr. Coleman was a court qualified expert witness in numerous counties in the state of Ohio and FPSI obtained certification by the State of Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH), the only private practice in the state with that distinction.

The company was able to secure a forensic evaluation contract with the Franklin County Municipal Court, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections (ODRC) conducting parole board evaluations, and a contract with a charter school consulting on mental health education issues and providing staff development. FPSI also offered therapy services for Ohio State University behavioral health panel for their medical employees and families, opportunities for clinical supervision to doctoral level clinical psychology students from The Ohio State University and Wright State University School of Professional Psychology programs, and services of expert opinions regarding psychological issues for local television and radio.

In 2009, the business was moved to Georgia ultimately becoming Comprehensive Psycholegal Services contracting for criminal and civil evaluations, social security disability mental health adjudication, compensation and pension evaluations for veteran service men and women, direct services for immigrants (I.C.E.), and treatment for Federal offenders.